about the author


Jac is a twenty-four year old E/INFJ afab genderqueer American scholar, atheist, social scientist, intersectional feminist, and LGBTIA social advocate.  Formally educated in interpersonal and mass communication fields, their personal interests have led them to focus their efforts on conflict mediation, online support groups, and info-activism related to human sexuality and gender studies.  Jac is currently an unapologetic empath, blogger, researcher, and poet on a spiritual journey toward that ever-elusive union between individual and collective truth.



Jac obtained a Bachelor of the Arts in English and a Bachelor of the Arts in Communication (with a Mass Communication concentration) and a Master’s Degree in Communication (with an Interpersonal Communication concentration) at the University of Delaware.  Their thesis publication, titled “Is your face securely attached? The effect of attachment on face threats from romantic partners,” is publicly available here:
http://www.udel.edu/communication/web/thesisfiles/cichocki.pdf .

Jac’s interpersonal communication experience includes conflict resolution, mindfulness meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy for couples and families, and field work in group communication and problem solving.

Their mass communication experience includes citizen journalism, social media management, and media analysis (specifically, the priming and framing techniques of major news outlets and the development and implementation of successful persuasive PSA messages and advertisements following tenets described in the theory of reasoned action and the theory of planned behavior).

Jac has most recently been employed by the University of Delaware as a Course Instructor of Oral Communication in Business. In addition to formal training in the written communication practices of technical, academic, and creative writing and editing,  Jac has firsthand experience with rhetorical analysis of business-centered communication and implementation of visual elements into formal presentation.


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