paying it forward: offering my time & writing (etc.) services to the trans community

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.00.53 PM
Kirill Lebedev’s public Facebook post from November 16, 2015

Kirill Lebedev’s public Facebook post inspired me to extend a similar offer to everyone in my community:

Any trans or gender-variant person who is writing a piece for any sort of online or offline publication or personal blog who needs someone to co-author, proofread, edit, read over, or provide feedback or suggestions of any kind (or if you need the audio of a video you’ve made transcribed for accessibility), send me a message; I’d be glad to help.

*If you are cis and are writing about trans issues, think about what your voice brings (or, rather, is unable to bring) to the table. Google your topic to see if a trans writer has already covered it – and instead of writing a new piece, amplify their voice by sharing, reblogging, retweeting, and voicing your support. Trans people need to be able to narrate their own existence, experiences, and liberation without being overshadowed or silenced by the cisgender majority.*

That being said, if you are cis and writing or creating content about topics that relate to human rights or social justice in another capacity and need any of the help I mentioned above, send me a message!


[“Credentials”: non-binary TME trans person, English B.A., Communication M.A., published Master’s thesis, poet]


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